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A social media friend of this blog, Ballet Master Jonathon Levy has written an interesting article on LinkedIn in which he explores “Concepts about Training – realities and absurdities”

What is accepted is not always efficient. So how do we get ourselves, and others, to higher levels of efficiency without placing them, or ourselves, under more pressure than it is worth to achieve?

This article touches on aspects of dancer motivation and is relevant to this blog’s  focus. You can find the article here. If you have comments that are relevant to this blog, feel free to comment here as well as on Jonathon’s article.

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Guest post by Jonathon Levy 

Jonathon Levy is a former principal dancer in the USA, and Ballet master both overseas and in the USA. He has owned his own studio, and works in the field training young aspirant dancers. When he owned his school, his company was the subject for a thesis on Business management (BS in BusAdmin/NfP), following the Schein organizational ideology for corporate development and internal-culture. Ballet Training Centre at www.RVCArts.org The following post was originally submitted by Jonathon as a reply on my Research Purpose page.

I will have to do this in a few stages… for me motivation becomes a “cliché” – I was on-tour one year dancing in a small company that was trying to use touring as a way of building a base audience regionally… we got to one place where there had been some snafu’s regrading our performance times, and to make up for it the local news station came and did interviews with a few of us at the theatre  in an attempt to get ticket info out to the public. The question I was asked was “Do you make adjustments if there are smaller audiences? and I said, ‘I don’t, this is what I do, I’m a dancer, I would do this whether the audience shows up or not.”
I pursued the “to be a dancer” idea after I got some positive feedback from girls in high school, yet then after about four months and going to a real summer intensive program, a real ballerina and a principal male dancer looked at me and said: “do you want this as your career?” I didn’t think about it, I just said “how?” – That was the moment I “made the decision” to become a professional dancer. I think I was still trying to ‘become a professional dancer’ when I retired twenty years later as a principal dancer (and Guest Artist) from what was considered one of the top 15 or 20 companies in the USA.
For me motivation was never the idea, or should I say the idea of motivating myself was never an issue… I made the decision and I just never stopped confronting myself with the fact that I made the decision, there was nothing else – I didn’t have a supportive family, I didn’t have any “safety-net” – in a very real way it was all I had so I just figured I had to do it… so I did.
I will try to write more later… I’m now a ballet master, and I have found a lot of compassion for those who feel driven…

Edit December 24 2012: Jonathon  continues this discussion in a comment below from “The Training Centre For Artistic Endeavors Unlimited”

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