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Mike writes about social networking and dancers for “Bulletinpointe”


Guest post by Mike Barnes (“Anthropology En Pointe”)

Mike is an independent researcher who as a mature age student in Australia was awarded an honours degree in 2004 with a major in cultural anthropology. Mike has until recently been active teaching tutorial classes for “introductory anthropology”, “human evolution”, and “sociology”. In 2011, Mike started research with an interest in professional ballet dancers.

Dolly has been very kind and shared her experiences of dance and career in a guest post for my blog  http://wp.me/p1OYEJ-cc). We decided it would be a good idea for me to write for her blog about my experience as an independent researcher.

I have been asked how this all started (http://wp.me/p1OYEJ-bx). My interest in ballet is a fortunate amalgamation of two interests. I have been a subscriber to The Australian Ballet for a number of years. I have very much enjoyed their performances…

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Guest post by Dolly Williams

Dolly Williams is a Music, Theatre and Entertainment Management Student at Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts. She is currently interning at Northern Ballet in Leeds UK in the Communications team. She has been involved in dance for many years and has previously worked as a dancer and Entertainment Manager in several countries. She has a passion for ballet and runs her own dance website Bulletin Pointe

Nowadays you will generally find me behind a computer screen, working away at some spreadsheet or my latest blog post but if you had asked me a few years ago what I wanted to do there would have been no hesitation… dance! But sitting here typing away I have to say I couldn’t be happier.

The lovely Mike asked me what motivated me to step away from the studio and into the office, so here goes…

When I was two and half years old I started dancing not to become a ballerina or because I wanted to wear pink tutus but simply because I wanted the pink vanity case with ballet shoes on it and my brother did karate so I wanted to go to a club too. After a few classes I fell in love and by the time I was five, I attended classes six days a week. I continued with the usual dance childhood of classes, annual shows, competitions and summer schools every year. I studied ballet, tap, modern, Jazz, acrobatics and drama, I was a bunhead and my life revolved around my dancing.


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