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Catherine Tully (see link below) has asked me to promote a new resource for dancers. I am happy to post this information.

Who are we?

Nichelle Suzanne – from Dance Advantage

Catherine Tully – from 4dancers

Lauren Warnecke — from ArtIntercepts

Maria Hanley – from Maria’s Movers

Tiffany Kadani Braniff – from Dancing Branflake

Here’s the link to the purchase page: http://www.danceadvantage.net/start-a-dance-blog/

And some info about the resource:

We are dancers who started dance blogging when there were no examples to look to. We learned things the hard way. We persevered through writing ruts and technical blunders and have significantly grown our readership, our web presence, and our connections.

Getting a blog, writing stuff, and figuring it all out as you go along like we did takes a lot of time. We know you don’t have time to waste.

So let us give you what you need to get started right now…

We want to help you make decisions about your blog without all the trial and error. So we’ve written a guide to starting your dance blog.

UntitledWe’ll tell you all about…

  • Things you need to know to set up your dance blog quickly.
  • Writing better content
  • Engaging readers on and off the site
  • Getting discovered using social media and SEO basics
  • Taking those next big steps like monetization and traffic analysis

We wish we’d had this when we were starting out.

There’s really nothing to lose.

Five experienced dance bloggers will walk you through all of those first blogging questions and frustrations for just $7.75.

Even if you already have a dance blog, or have started… and stopped… and started a blog in the past, you will learn something new from this guide.

So get it and get your dance blog moving today!

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About this time last year, a wonderful gentleman from The Australian Ballet named Colin Peasley welcomed me to the Sydney Opera House to watch the company behind the scenes. I spent three hours or so talking to him, and watching the dancers in class and rehearsal. And whilst I did not know it at the time, I was watching Darcey Bussell from the Royal Ballet conducting the class – more here. Twelve months on, it is time for me to take stock of what continues to motivate me to do research into professional ballet dancers. Since motivation is the theme of my study, it stands to reason that I should examine my own changing circumstances.


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Guest post by Dolly Williams

Dolly Williams is a Music, Theatre and Entertainment Management Student at Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts. She is currently interning at Northern Ballet in Leeds UK in the Communications team. She has been involved in dance for many years and has previously worked as a dancer and Entertainment Manager in several countries. She has a passion for ballet and runs her own dance website Bulletin Pointe

Nowadays you will generally find me behind a computer screen, working away at some spreadsheet or my latest blog post but if you had asked me a few years ago what I wanted to do there would have been no hesitation… dance! But sitting here typing away I have to say I couldn’t be happier.

The lovely Mike asked me what motivated me to step away from the studio and into the office, so here goes…

When I was two and half years old I started dancing not to become a ballerina or because I wanted to wear pink tutus but simply because I wanted the pink vanity case with ballet shoes on it and my brother did karate so I wanted to go to a club too. After a few classes I fell in love and by the time I was five, I attended classes six days a week. I continued with the usual dance childhood of classes, annual shows, competitions and summer schools every year. I studied ballet, tap, modern, Jazz, acrobatics and drama, I was a bunhead and my life revolved around my dancing.


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Susan, an online dancer friend of mine alerted me on twitter to this New Yorker article:

BRING IN THE BALLERINAS A.B.T.’s guest policy.
by Joan Acocella
JUNE 25, 2012
ABSTRACT: DANCING about American Ballet Theatre’s guest dancers. A.B.T. has long been known for bringing in foreign guest stars. The fondness for guest stars ruled out any unity of style within the troupe.

Read more http://www.newyorker.com/arts/critics/dancing/2012/06/25/120625crda_dancing_acocella#ixzz21DPtOHdq

This article started me thinking about dancer motivation when considering opportunities for promotion and acquiring coveted roles. Here in Australia, The Australian Ballet has a very strong company of full time contracted dancers. Only very occasionally do guest dancers appear in performances and looking from afar , it would seem these guest appearances would do little to threaten the motivation of company dancers. Indeed, I expect these guest appearances would have positive effect on motivation.

Of course, motivation is a fickle thing in any endeavour. An event that may threaten one dancer, may encourage another. This raises the question, at what point could you expect guest appearances in a performance to systemically affect the motivational well being of the company? It would be great to hear from professional dancers of their experience and thoughts in this regard. Either comment on this post, or if you prefer use the contact page to send me a message and I will make your comments known but anonymous.


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I get the sense that dancers are enthusiastic to collaborate in a partnership with choreographers. However, are there times when collaboration is problematic? All social relationships have elements of negotiation which may go well or otherwise. I would really like to hear some anecdotal tales of experiences related to partnership and collaboration from dancers themselves. Comment anonymously if you feel the need, but please comment. I would really like to get some dialogue going.

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