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I would like to ask a huge favour of all my professional dancer readers. You have been fairly quiet up to now, but here is an opportunity to change that.

You may already keep a daily diary, perhaps you don’t. What I would like you to do for this blog and my research is to write a diary entry at the end of a typical “performance” day. Keep it true to a typical diary, include everything that comes to mind no matter how trivial or important. Even if that includes writing what you had for breakfast, and when, and why. If you prefer to just write one-liners, do that. However, do write. No restrictions, no limits. Write ten words, write 500 words – whatever. Write in any style you like – don’t worry about presentation. In other words, let your mind flow just as your body did through the day.

When you have done that, enter the entire diary entry as a comment to this post. Write once or comment often. If you feel shy, send it to me from the contact page and I will add it to the comments without any identifying information.

Your participation is really needed to make this blog a useful resource for my research and maybe for other dancers

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